Mobile Twinning


Mobile Twinning, enabled feature, gives the ability to use a mobile as an extension of your office phone. This allows users to offer a one number approach while also controlling their accessibility, letting users be more mobile whether in or out of the office. Mobile twinning can be used for mobiles or any other external number (e.g. home phone/home-workers), and requires no additional Hardware. In practical terms, the ‘one number’ approach adopted and promoted within IP Office Solution means that companies don’t become dependent on the mobile numbers of their employees. For example, if a salesman leaves his/her position, the company will not lose business contacts because the call still goes to the company phone number rather than the employee’s mobile number.  Can be activated manually or automatically based on time of day profile.

Mobile Phone Application

Through our Mobile App users can convert an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone into an extension of the office phone system, allowing them to be contactable from any location. Users of the smartphones have the ability to access system features such as direct dial internal extensions, transfer the calls, use system dial tone to dial out, and one touch dialing options for voicemail, office paging, activate/deactivate mobile twinning, etc.